Institute of Critical Languages and Cultural Exchange




President: Professor Najoua K. Hotard, Ph.D.

Troy Hotard

Dr. Najoua Hotard is the President and founder of the Institute of Critical Languages and cultural Exchange.  Her areas of specialty include linguistics, World Languages curriculum design and instruction, teacher training, and diversity training. Before the foundation of ICLCE, Dr. Hotard taught French Advanced Placement classes and Arabic for the East Baton Rouge School System. She taught as visiting Arabic and French adjunct professor at Tulane and Loyola Universities in New Orleans. Dr. Hotard experiences include serving as Reader for ETS/College Board Literature and Advanced language examinations. Najoua, a native of Tunisia, has completed her graduate studies at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Tunis, University of New Orleans, and Louisiana State University. She conducted her doctoral research in the area of International Relations/Middle Eastern Studies and French Literature and Business. 93. She Taught the College Board Advanced Placement French language and served as Reader for ETS/College Board Literature and Advanced language examinations.   As highly qualified , Najoua Hotard served her community in many capacities. She served on the committees which developed 9-12 foreign language curriculum as well as the LA State Foreign Language standards and Benchmarks. Professor Hotard developed the Arabic language curriculum for the public school systems in Louisiana. She served as a Diversity trainer for the EBRS system and the Office of Strategic Initiatives at LSU. She works closely with Teach Baton Rouge Summer Institute as Teacher Advisor, Content Seminar Leader, and co-Director. Dr Hotard presentations and research focus on equity education, outreach, and use of authentic materials in the language classroom. She is the recipient of many honors including selection for the FBI Citizen Academy in New Orleans, Clara Tucker Award for Women in Behavioral Sciences, National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar; Eunice Kennedy Shriver Special Olympics Recognition; U.S. State Department Person of the Month, National Geographic funded project entitled "Strengths in Diversity." Under Dr. Hotard’s leadership, the Institute of Critical Languages and Cultural Exchange has received STARTALK $100.000.00 for 2008, 2009, and 2011.  Dr. Hotard is actively engaged in many organizations including, National Council for International Visitors (NCIV), New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council (NOCDC), and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign languages (ACTFL).  ICLCE goal is to connect youth, especially from the Historically Underrepresented groups to opportunities related to critical languages and culture, global citizenship, and various programs related to National Language Initiative. 


Director of Programs: Troy Hotard, Art & Culture Specialist

Troy Hotard     A professional artist for over 25 years, Troy Hotard describes himself as a Post-Modern Renaissance artist and professional educator. He mastered a wide variety of media and techniques. These include everything from, oil paint, watercolors, and mixed media to graphite, stained glass, and bronze casting. Troy Hotard can also work in various styles ranging from photorealistic to impressionist to total abstraction. Recently, Troy has concentrated on his main passion: Scuba Diving. Troy is a certified open water capital PADI dive instructor. His specialties include teaching the following diving skills: wreck, deep, boat, Nitrox, search and recovery, and underwater navigation. Through this new genre artwork, he hopes to raise awareness and educate the public about the beauty and fragile nature of the ocean's coral reef systems, and the sheer wonder of discovery through scuba diving. To him, the ocean represents the last frontier to be explored and protected. Troy Hotard is bringing a representation of this modern vanishing wilderness to the general public. He is a passionate supporter of several organizations that seek to protect the world's reefs and marine ecosystems, such as the Reef Check Foundation, Dive for the Cure, and Save the Manta. It is Troy's hope that his donations of original paintings to these organizations will help raise awareness regarding the vulnerability of the world's reefs as well as stressing the urgency of safeguarding the underwater world, which is crucial to our own survival. As an educator, Troy Hotard served as an Artist in Residence for the East Baton Rouge Parish Gifted and Talented Program. For the last 7 years, Troy's innovative approach to art education has earned him the College Board Sponsored Katrina Scholarship and certification in Teaching Advanced Placement Art History at the Art College in Chicago. His method incorporates higher order thinking skills implemented by his design of unique interdisciplinary units. His travels throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, North Africa, the Middle East, and The Far East have afforded him the possibility to assemble a unique slide collection that enhances his lectures and presentations. Troy Hotard is the president of Troy Hotard Art Studio (www.thetroyhotard.com). The West Baton Rouge Parish Library and the West Baton Rouge Parish Museum both house his permanent collections.


Co- Instructor: Jessica Montgomery

Troy Hotard   Jessica Montgomery. Jessica Montgomery joined the ICLCE team in 2018.  She has been a professional educator for 14 years. Jessica spent two years teaching in Dominican Republic at Cap Cana Heritage School and UNIBE. Her prolific experience and knowledge in the area of second Language acquisition is valuable asset to the ICLCE language programs. Jessica currently teaches TESOL certification courses with Oxford Seminars in the Baton Rouge area. She has also been serving as the Curriculum Specialist at Celerity Charter Schools in Baton Rouge. Jessica’s strength is rooted in her strong belief in the power of immersion and the application of ACTFL’s World Readiness Standards For Learning Language. She has created an impressive toolkit of strategies that ensure authentic acquisition of communicative competencies embedded in the 5Cs. Jessica enjoys exploring various ways in incorporating interactive technological frameworks in language instruction.  She has presented in several conferences on ways to incorporate technological skills to enhance learning in multiple contexts.