Institute of Critical Languages and Cultural Exchange


Dr. Hotard has been organizing group educational tours to Europe and the Middle East since 1993. One of the goals guiding the Institute of Critical Languages and Cultural Exchange (ICLCE) is to provide our American youth with opportunities to engage in cultural exchange programs that will allow them to become proficient in the language and culture they are learning. ICLCE encourages students to visit NSLI website http://www.iclce.org/collaboration.html to explore the outstanding opportunities available for language and culture programs abroad. I.C.L.C.E  hopes to offer these programs through NSLI in the future.  Becoming a member of Exchanges Connect family, http:// www.connect.state.gov, is a step towards staying informed about great cultural exchange and study abroad opportunities.  Most importantly, being a member of Exchanges connect will connect youth virtually to other global citizens and educators from around the world.  ICLCE encourages all youth to become involved with your local chapter of National Council for International Visitors (NCIV): http://www.nciv.org.  NCIV men and women have graciously dedicated their efforts to making our world a better place and deserve our support and involvement. NOCDC is the local chapter for Louisiana: http://www.nocdc.com/.


Global Citizenship

ICLCE Supports American Councils Hosting NOCDC Dignitaries from Congo, Philippines, and Bordeaux
ICLCE Supports American Councils Hosting Dignitaries from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan